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7 Ways to Get Free EDU Backlinks

Google and the other big search engines cloak their algorithms in secrecy and are constantly updating them. Penguins? Pandas? It’s hard to keep up with it all. The only thing we know for certain is that they crave high value content and that their primary means of identifying that content is by analyzing a page’s link profile. They look for high authority links built in a “natural” manner. So how does that impact us as we try to get our sites to perform better in the rankings?

It means that as we try to enhance our sites average search position, our goal should be to create as many natural quality links as possible. We know that edu backlinks are consistently among the most valued and are an important part of any link building strategy. Why are they so valuable? I wrote a post that goes into depth on the topic, but in short they carry tons of Domain Authority and pass along that link juice to your page. (more…)

Should You Buy EDU Backlinks?

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If you’ve done any searching at all for backlink strategies or SEO (and since you’re here, I’m guessing there is a solid chance you have) you’ve undoubtedly come across advertisements offering paid links. This applies to both edu links as well as links from other top-level domains. I get it, the lure of one click SEO through a paid link package is attractive. Spend a few bucks, get continuous “High PR” backlinks” and watch your SERPs soar! Take the example to the left, $145 for 220 links all in 10 days!! Do you have any idea how much damage that could potentially do to your long term SERP performance? Simply put, it could ruin your rankings. There are very few reasons I can think of that would result in 220 edu links in 10 days, it is so unnatural looking that it hurts.

Does that mean you shouldn’t focus on building a healthy high-authoritative links from a number of sources (obviously including edu links) to your site all while keeping a keen eye on things like anchor text and keyword research? Of course not! Even Google themselves suggest that you do some SEO work. Every major web presence in the world has a team focusing on those very SEO strategies…they call them the marketing department!  (more…)

Free Quality Backlinks from EDU Sites

We know that modern SEO strategies are driven by two primary factors; high value content and a quality backlink profile. We’re going to assume that you already have super content that your audience craves, so we aren’t going to be much help there. But we can help you with some strategies on how to build free quality backlinks by taking advantage of EDU blogs and forums.

What Type of Backlinks Should I Build?

We could devote an entire site to this question alone, but for the sake of this article lets establish that our backlinks should:

  • Come From High Domain Authority Sites
  • Have Varied Anchor Text
  • Come From Sites Relevant To Your Content

The good news for us is that EDU backlinks from blogs and forums fit all of three of those criteria. If you’d like learn more about why edu backlinks are so powerful then read this post(more…)